Sister’s 18th Birthday

When it comes to someone’s 18th birthday, of course it is a very important number to celebrate- you can now drive legally, drink alcohol legally and what is more you are now accepted in society as an adult. Nevertheless I just feel like when teenagers turn 18 nowadays there is social and peer pressure of having to have a huge party where people can enjoy some booze, get drunk and basically finally free themselves from their childhood by ‘acting like adults’. I mean yeah sure I guess it is fun to be able to drink as much alcohol as you want especially if you’ve come of age but personally I just don’t get why teenagers, even those who are under the age of 18 want to drink the stuff and get drunk. I mean the after effects aren’t exactly great are they. Just my personal thoughts as I grow up and see my surroundings and peers…

Anyway back to the main subject. Well today was that day for my older sister. Fortunately we had a nice little early celebration during the half term just as a family. I’ve uploaded a new video on my channel dedicated to the preparations for my sister’s birthday which I will leave a link to here. In this video I’ve just shown you how I made her card, the present she got as well as a bonus chiffon cake recipe included in it too!

Hamins 18th.png


Ever since I was in year 6 one of my hobbies has been making handmade cards for friends and family on special occasions. I was inspired from my lovely next door neighbour Kitty who always remembers our birthdays and gives us beautiful handmade cards every year, including holiday seasons such as Easter and Christmas. After personally receiving such cards made with such dedication I decided to start making some for myself to give to people as I wanted them to really appreciate their special card. At the end of the video I show the handmade cards that my sister had collected since her 12th birthday from me which I thought was really cute and embarrassing at the same time as the first few cards are a bit naff. Nonetheless I decided to go for a really cute robot design this year. I’d used this design for a couple of friends and as it was such a popular design I thought why not make one personalised for my sister.



This year my parents really wanted to get my sister something really special especially as she was turning 18. In the end they decided to get her a silver ring with matching earrings. What’s so special about the ring is that they personalised it by getting an engraving of her name in it as well as her favourite bible verse- Phillipines Chapter 4 Verse 18 which goes: ‘I CAN DO EVERTHING THROUGH HIM WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH’. Despite being so small, I thought that this small personalisation made all the difference, and unsurprisingly my sister absolutely loved it!



My family have been really enjoying chiffon cakes recently and a couple of months ago I found this really cute chiffon cake design of Totoro on pinterest. For those who do not know what Totoro is, it’s basically a cute japanese animation character that is a mix between a cat/bear. Anyways I thought the design was so cute and was etching to try it out, so I decided to do this for my sister’s birthday cake this year. The style is quite different to what I normally make for family birthday cakes but I found it quite fun making a cake and decorating it to look like a certain thing.


A small, yet successful celebration!

Hayeon X


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