ECOTOOLS makeup brushes review!


So it got to that time of my life where I needed to get myself a good set of makeup brushes for the upcoming years. For the past few months or so, I was busy looking at all sorts of makeup brushes from Real Techniques to cheap ones at TK Maxx all of which were either too pricey or just bad quality.

I’d purchased an EcoTools eye brush set in America 2 years ago and have been really pleased with them. They were a good price; they’re cruelty free, and what’s more they’re incredibly soft! So in the end I opted for the EcoTools Bamboo 6 piece brush set and the Define and Highlight Duo- I’m so glad I did!

Check out my video on this by clicking- HERE



This includes 5 brushes: (starting from the left) Powder/Blush, Concealer, Spoolie, Shading, Angled Liner AND a bonus cosmetic bag


This includes 2 brushes: A highlighting brush and a contouring/ blending brush


My mum was impressed by the quality of these brushes, that the day they arrived, she asked me to order the exact same for her! Now that’s saying something!

Love Hayeon X


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