Ombre Giant Cupcake & Joint 17th Bday Celebration!

It’s been a while since I got my hands on my giant cupcake silicon mould,  which if some of you can remember, I used to make this Giant Cupcake! with a couple friends a while back. WELL, here is another version of one in all it’s glory!


As you can probably see I went for an alternative method in terms of decorating and piping compared to my previous giant cupcake. Instead of the simple and classic double toned piped rosettes, I went for a scalloped ombre effect. What’s more I covered the entire bottom section with a rim of dark chocolate kitkats PLUS did a hidden chocolate “pinata” surprise inside! Honestly it’s what my mum would call a Heart attack in one giant cupcake (in korean she would say 대빵칼로리! hehe).


When it was my birthday earlier on this year, I met up with an amazing bunch of girls (Dani, Steph, Liz, Chaz, Molly, Josie, Sarah, Lara, Issy). We had all gone out for dinner at the  Giggling Squid ( a Thai cuisine place), where they surprised me with presents, cards and most importantly a cake! I was honestly sosososo greatful for them that night and so I really wanted to do something similar later on. I did whip a batch of these Red Velvet Cheesecake swirl Brownies  for them, but as Steph and Lara were doing a joint 17th Birthday Celebration, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to give a little something back to them again!

Ofcoure there’s no such thing as TOO much cake. However, I obviously wouldn’t be able to finish this cake off alone by myself, let alone my whole family. So, after a surprise involving sparklers, a few drinks and a little help from my lovely friends, we all managed to successfully dive into this monster of a cupcake! I mean with 10 hungry girls wanting a slice each, that cupcake didn’t stand a chance!!

Thank you guys for enjoying the cake-I was honestly so nervous about the taste and whether you would like it!

With all of us going to different sixth forms and colleges, I don’t think I would able to say that I will NOT miss going to school with this crazy bunch!  Even so I know that each and every one of them will have a great time (just don’t get TOO drunk at parties guys LMAO) and that they will be successful in whatever A-Levels they want to do. Always keep in touch and whenever you’re around London or Chessington, snap me and I’ll be out in a flash! Ly guysss

Hayi X


Lemon loaf cake + small life update

So… a LOT of things have happened in my life recently- both good and bad. I guess that’s how I find myself writing posts like this to get my mind off the ‘bad’ things. I’m currently sitting down at my desk; typing away with my window wide open. The cool breeze that’s coming through feels refreshing and somehow calming…like a breather I guess.

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There are 2 big things coming up soon:

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Vegan Applesauce Chocolate Banana Cake (One-Bowl!)

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To those who have read my previous post on (Vegan, Gluten-free) Banana Bread Breakfast Oat Bars you will pretty well know that I have some ripe bananas that need using up. With the breakfast bars gone within a single sitting and some leftover homemade applesauce, there was no other excuse for me to not bake a batch of what my mum calls: ‘brownie like cakes that aren’t as sweet and are incredibly soft and fluffy!’- in short terms she really liked them. In fact she enjoyed them so much that she suggested using this recipe as a base for a normal chocolate birthday cake! Seeming as this banana cake has no eggs, butters/oils, refined-sugars or milk, I think that is saying something!

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As I have mentioned above, this chocolate cake has none of the normal ingredients that people associate with cake.  I have been pleasantly surprised AGAIN by another vegan recipe which I’m sure I will be using a LOT in the future. Having tried out a few vegan recipes now, I have come to realise just how easy it is to substitute ingredients to make them vegan-friendly. In this recipe I have used:

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(Vegan, Gluten-free) Banana Bread Breakfast Oat Bars

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I have some really important things going on in my life at the moment: One-It’s 3 days until results day (yikes!); two- our family’s moving house within a month, and three- I have a bunch of spotty brown bananas sitting on my kitchen counter that need using ASAP!

Haha, ok let’s say the last one isn’t THAT important. Needless to say I couldn’t just have those lovely bananas go to waste, especially as they were in the perfect state for baking. So, I stumbled across a recipe by Ambitious Kitchen whom I have been a fan for a few years now. She has a wide range of recipes that are adapted to be healthier, friendly for allergens or vegans, and best of all tastier (wait is that even a word?!).

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To be completely honest, I find that I get a bit nervous when I try out new vegan recipes; I just don’t know what to expect. But this banana oat breakfast bar recipe gave me a huge surprise. For a recipe that doesn’t contain any sugar, oil, gluten, dairy and eggs, this is something quite special.

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Blueberry Tart

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As a belated birthday treat, I decided to bake up a tart for my mum: an almond crust filled with 4 layers of deliciousness. It may sound complicated but as long as you prepare the separate components in advance, you will be slicing it up for your guests or family and seeing it disappear within seconds!

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Crust: (this can be made in advance. Store in the fridge 2-3 days or freeze for up to 3 weeks)

  • 40g Butter
  • 30g Sugar
  • 1 Tbs lightly beaten egg (15g)
  • 80g Cake Flour
  • 20g Ground almonds

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Healthy Granola (Dairy-free/VEGAN)

Loads of people undermine the importance of breakfast; many tend to skip it entirely which really isn’t the best way to start your day. It’s what really gives us the energy to allow us to work, exercise and think effectively where-ever that may be.

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So here’s my family’s favourite granola recipe which not only tastes great but is dairy-free, vegan and possibly gluten-free (by just swapping a few ingredients): the perfect breakfast for those who find it hard eating foods containing this. Frankly speaking, I love this granola so much that I’m always so buzzed in the mornings to have a bowl of it, whether that be with almond milk, berries and sliced banana or simply as a topping with some coconut yogurt. For the RECIPE VIDEO click HERE

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