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I still remember the day when baking lit a bulb in my brain: the day I made my first sponge cake by myself- which if I posted right now would be an embarrassment. Since then I came to realise that baking was something I really enjoy. It was a way for me to express my creative side; it was my stress reliever and it was something that made my feel good.

My first judges of my bakes were of-course my parents and my sister. They were (and still are), my most honest and harshest critiques- but don’t get me wrong! I found that all their comments and criticisms got me to perfect my skills even more.

Over the years I have created a small collection of my favourite recipes in My recipe Book and now I want to share them with you here on my blog, as well as some on my youtube channel . I’m only an amateur 16 year old student and so I’m probably not an expert, but I hope my love for baking will inspire you to do so too!

Love Hayeon X


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